We help sales organizations improve revenue by better selecting and developing talented salespeople and sales managers.  Great sales organizations require a combination of art and science.  We provide the science through validated talent assessments, and collaborate with clients on the art of managing to individual strengths.  The result is documented improvement in sales performance.

Sales team meeting

Client Results Using Our Talent Assessments

          Indianapolis:  Revenue UP 27%

            Denver:  Revenue UP 40%

          Seattle:  Revenue Share UP 12%

         Charlotte:  New Business UP 33%

Howard Tuuri

President, SDC

I launched SDC in 2011 after 30 years in sales, sales management and executive management.  The goal was to help other businesses grow revenue through improved hiring and management.  My experience proved to me that combining the science of sales talent assessments with the art of management delivers extreme performance.  My teams consistently out-performed competitors, developed rising stars and became highly sought after for prospective sales people.  SDC exists to improve top line revenue by sharing my wisdom, science and best practices with sales organizations.

Start with talent first.  Then, make managers multipliers of that talent by aligning and coaching to individual strengths.  This is the exact opposite of remedial coaching which tries to improve weaknesses.

Think of talent like a car.  You can have a race car or a Yugo.  And think of management as the driver.  You can have Danica Patrick or Lindsay Lohan.  If you want to win the race….well you get the idea.

SDC offers Sales Talent Assessments and coaching for managers.  We help you get the right car and driver to win your race.